this group of artists was founded in hamburg in 2010. the group includes: anne-thrine jackwitz (oslo), babsi daum (vienna), bianka buchen (göttingen), birte hennig (braunschweig), gundi wiemer (hamburg), maria luisa witte (hamburg) and anne vaupel.
“we are o.r.t. – we are the places that we come from; the places where we live; the places we were born; the places we travel to; the places where we meet. we met and founded our group in 2010 in hamburg. since we have worked together without being together; meet twice a year in different places and think about what will happen next. we are interested in differences; those between each other, between our environment and the people whom we meet. our mutual passion – making our way through the world full of curiosity – transforming the unremarkable, balancing on daydreams and gathering stories of places, inspires each and every one of us – over and over again: simple, pure and sparkling. together and absorbed by a place, we often only rediscover ourselves chatting in the sunset glow. we are enmeshed, drawn and connected; react, create and take along. this abundance is why we are together.”

die künstlerkommune.
influenced by a temporary artist’s atelier in the hamburg jenischpark (2009 – 2011) the group intermittently conceives and realises joint exhibitions. the “kommunarden” are: alexander meyer, bianka buchen, claas adler, gundi wiemer, jurij juretzki, krischa weber, mathias will, ute klapschuweit and anne vaupel.

“c’est si bon”
in the winter of 2013, the mobile kitchen known by the same name emerged from the “cooking gardens” group (hanni jokinen, carsten krieger, anne vaupel) “eat inn utopia” art project with a market stand on the organic market in ottensen and other selected locations.
atelier friedensallee
 this studio community was started in 2015 by gesine lenz (set designer), alexander meyer (freelance artist) and anne vaupel in the friedrich-ebert-hof in hamburg-altona.
cultural gerontology

after completing further training at the bundesakademie für kulturelle bildung in wolfenbüttel in 2015, artistic work with the aged and people suffering from dementia together with simone ohlinger (hamburg).